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Banking product for those who love fun and to spend time in an interesting way, who are not afraid to make the first move, who know how they should enjoy life together with their friends, who are young and full of ambitions. If you are between 16 and 28 years old than this product is for you.

Download rigntone on your phone!


  • Cards with 8 unique designs
  • Internet banking “PUMB online” included into the package price
  • SMS-banking – you receive a SMS-message about all your expenses and the balance of the account
  • Additional security of Internet transactions with 3-D Secure technology
  • Friends and relatives can quickly and without any fees replenish your card account at any branch of the bank


100 UAH/year – for all basic services.


  • Current account for any of your expenses
  • Master Card Standard Unembossed card with any of the eight coolest designs of your choice is included in the package. Choose and stand out
  • Any transfers through online banking with without any fees, that’s enough to use paper money! Be in the trend of financial instruments – share money with friends through FUIB online
  • Savings account – at the same time you relax with friends , the money, which are on this account, earn you new money, so you can feel free and relax
  • With the service of additional protection 3-D Secure you can enjoy the safety of payment on the Internet without any doubt

Mobile services:

  • SMS-banking
  • Internet-banking PUMB online
  • Mobile services from First Ukrainian International Bank

Zhazhda skorosti

15% discount on 10-minute race karts

Visit go-cart track and get a discount using FUIB young card.


Unique insurance programs for youth!

"FUIB Touch» package owner can purchase one of three unique insurance packages at any FUIB branch office:

  • «Youth tourism»
  • «Youth tourism - sports and leisure activities", except skiing.
  • «Youth tourism - sports and leisure activities," including skiing.
These programs will help you to protect yourself from financial troubles that may occur, especially if you love extreme sports.

3-5% discount at TOPDJ SHOP when purchasing with FUIB youth card

  • 5% - when purchasing up to UAH 1000
  • 4% - starting from UAH 1000 up to UAH 3000
  • 3% - more than UAH 3000


  • Select product in store
  • Manager will call you to negotiate the mode of delivery and payment
  • Say that you are owner of FUIB youth card
  • Manager will update information and you will get a discount!

10% discount for any training course when purchasing with FUIB card

  • visit Dj school at Kiev, Artem str., 35

  • choose your favorite course

  • before paying show FUIB youth card and get a discount!

One lesson in Dj-school for free

To register, call (044) 222 00 21 and do not forget to say that you are owner of FUIB youth card! When you come to school - FUIB card will be your pass to a lesson.


3% discount for purchase using FUIB card

  1. Come to Protoria store.
  2. Choose the gadget.
  3. Show your PUMB card use it for purchase to get a discount!


Zhazhda skorosti

Carting centre
(044) 526-06-31

Top DJ

Tickets for concerts in Ukraine
(044) 2220022


Insurance company
0 800 501 501


Electronics stores